10 Top Celebrities With Engineering Degree

10 Top Prominent People With Engineering Degree

Engineering is an important and interesting realm of knowledge. A degree an engineering is a key to many prospective positions in the leading industrial companies and projects. But actually lots of people with engineering background have been successful in numerous other activities often quite distant from their university specialty. Reading this overview frow essay writers and bloggers of DarwinEssay you will learn that engineering education is not in any way an obstacle to a successful carrier elsewhere and probably may even help people succeed in life.


Let’s begin with a young but already famous American actor. It is Ashton Kutcher who is at the same time producer and investor. But in the beginning of his carrier in 1996, he enrolled the Iowa University to study biochemical engineering. Among his motives was to find a cure for his twin brother. After a success in a modeling competition, he became model and consequently an actor.


The second in the list is another American, this time a TV presenter. Bill Nye’s carrier is much closer to his educational background. In 1977, he graduated from Cornell University in mechanical engineering. He became famous as Bill Nye the Science Guy in his children’s science TV show. Besides he is inventor, science communicator, he appears in media as technical expert and public activist, and he is also an actor.


Now a person from another sphere, but no less famous. Probably even more famous because this person is Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man in 2010-2013. The Mexican business magnate studied civil engineering in the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Upon graduation in 1961, he began as stock trader. Subsequently by means of successful investments, in particular, in telecommunications, he managed to build a huge business empire centered in his conglomerate Grupo Carso.


Chris Vance, a British actor, was a student at the University of Newcastle, where he studied civil engineering.  Upon graduation, he took an actor’s carrier and is now mostly famous for his starring in the French-Canadian Transporter: The Series.


And Cindy Crawford too has studied engineering. She took chemical engineering in the Northwestern University. True this only lasted for one semester. She dropped out to start full-time model carrier. Now she is a prominent American supermodel and actress. It is hard to say whether engineering influenced her main occupation in any way.


The first Indian woman in space Kalpana Chawla graduated from the Punjab Engineering College with a degree in aeronautical engineering. After moving to USA, she obtained her Master of Science degree in the same specialty. Kaplana Chawla completed her first space mission on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997. In 2003, she died in a disaster with the same spacecraft.


Mike Bloomberg is another very rich man in our list of celebrities with an engineering educational background. He attended Johns Hopkins University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. One of the richest men in the world, Mike Bloomberg is notable for his Bloomberg Terminal, which is a computer powered provider of a wide range of financial data.


Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon, had a love for flying from his childhood so his degree in aeronautical engineering in the University of Purdue was a logic step in his carrier. Neil Armstrong completed a space flight within Gemini program in 1966 and another within Apollo program in 1969, which culminated with a moon landing.


Although the famous British comedian Rowan Atkinson is best known as for his role of Mr. Bean, he is also a great devotee of cars and a car racer. And he too has a degree of electrical engineering. Besides, he is a screenwriter and has been appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire.


And the last celebrity in our list is the American California born actress Teri Hatcher, who has studied engineering as well, but subsequently opted for acting. Presently she is definitely one of the most famous personalities in her occupation.